About Car Smite

Car Smite was born in mid-2023 out of a shared passion for automobiles and a true concern over the lack of reliable and in-depth automotive content online.

Our team of automotive professionals, enthusiasts, and certified mechanics wanted a platform dedicated to the real needs of its readers. A space where accurate and science-backed advice is the rule and not the exception.

Understanding Your Vehicle

Our decades of experience enable us to create content that is as engaging for the amateur car enthusiast as it is informative for professional mechanics. Our team has a unique ability to unpack complex technical concepts, helping you understand not just what to do with your car, but also why it works the way it does.

Our in-depth guides cover a vast variety of automotive topics, from fundamental mechanical principles to the latest trends in automotive technology.

About The Team

Jonathan Eckert

Jonathan Eckert Author

A key member of our team, Jonathan Eckert, embodies our ethos of professional excellence and passion for knowledge.

An ASE-certified mechanic with over two decades of experience, Jonathan specializes in diagnosing and repairing Japanese models. His meticulous attention to detail and deep understanding of vehicle systems equip him to provide reliable, insightful narratives that add value to our readers’ automotive journey.

Data-Driven & Deeply Research Oriented

At Car Smite, we firmly believe in the power of research and data. Our articles (especially our analyses of the best and worst years of car models) are not just based on practical experience and expert opinions but are also backed by extensive data analysis. This approach allows us to paint a comprehensive picture of the topics we cover, providing our readers with balanced, well-rounded insights.

We’re not just skimming the surface; we’re delving into the depths of automotive technology, performance, and trends to bring you the best and most relevant content.

Transparency and Objectivity

While we do communicate with car companies for new information or early access to new models, we always ensure that our content maintains its objectivity.

We prioritize the needs and interests of our readers, striving to provide unbiased, honest evaluations and advice. Transparency is a core value of our brand, and we strive to uphold this in every piece of content we create.